Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sister cities

New York City has ten historic sister cities. The Sister City Program of the City of New York was restructured and renamed New York City Global Partners, Inc. in 2006 with the aim of expanding the City’s interaction with foreign cities while maintaining its historic ten sister city relationships.:
CityGeographical locationNationSince
TokyoKantō region (Honshū island) Japan1960
BeijingBohai Economic Rim, North China China1980
CairoCairo Governorate Egypt1982
MadridCommunity of Madrid Spain 1982
Santo DomingoNational District Dominican Republic1983
BudapestCentral Hungary Hungary1992
RomeLazio (Latium) Italy1992
JerusalemJerusalem District Israel1993
LondonEngland United Kingdom2001
JohannesburgGauteng Province  South Africa2003
Like New York, all except Beijing are the most populous cities of their respective nations, but unlike New York, all but Johannesburg also serve as de facto or de jure national political capitals. New York and her sister cities are all major economic centers, but few of the sister cities share New York's status as a major seaport.

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